The story of bollards

Bollards are not exactly the most glamorous thing you will ever buy. However they are a very popular purchase for businesses, venues and local authorities the world over. Indeed many people who own companies would swear by bollards as security necessities in the world of business.

The fact of the matter is that bollards are the first line of defence against would-be thieves. Ram-raiders in particular are a threat to places like jewellers which have stock worth substantial amounts of cash kept on site. Therefore many people have stainless steel bollards lined outside their shop front.

You may be surprised to hear that the earliest use of bollards as we know it was in harbours and other similar maritime venues like ports. The word was used exclusively to refer to the things used to moor ships. However before long bollards sprang up in various places inland due to their versatility. Nowadays they are used in several individual applications but as a general rule of thumb they are utilised as a means of protection to block access to something which needs to be protected.

Bollards are also popular in a number of other applications apart from shop frontages. For instance they are used as protection for cash machines. Bollards are also frequently used by things like local councils to bar vehicular access to things like pedestrian precincts and other places where cars should not go.

The key to great bollards is elegance and style to match the durability and resilience. These days there are alternatives to unsightly concrete bollards which are set into the ground. Stainless steel bollards for instance are easy on the eye when polished up but is strong enough to withstand a major impact.

I am a business owner and want to have bollards installed. Where can I get them from?

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