Data Loggers

What are data loggers?

Data loggers are electronic devices that record data over time in order to measure certain things.  Data loggers can be used in a variety of applications and are commonly used in science laboratories.  They are also used to measure gas pressure as well as soil moisture content.  They can also be used to measure a variety of environmental conditions and the data they record can be extremely valuable.  Obviously, in a scientific environment of any kind, it is crucial to record accurate data and this is why these instruments are so widely used in this field.

How do data loggers work?

The way data loggers work is by recording data over a period of time.  They have an inbuilt memory which means that they can record data over a period of time.  Some data loggers have to record data over a very long period of time and, therefore, the memory they need is very large.  As well as needing a reliable memory, they must also be failsafe.  Often, they are left in harsh conditions without any human contact and it is essential to make sure that they will not fail to log the data they are there to record.

Where can data loggers be acquired from?

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