What Is a HPI Check?

A HPI check lets you find out if the 2nd hand car, van, truck or motorbike you are thinking of buying has been registered as stolen, is an insurance write off or a cloned vehicle. It can also help you to determine if the car has been clocked i.e. had the mileage turned back to make it appear in better condition and more valuable than it actually is. You can also get a HPI check done when you buy a boat or a caravan.

Why Have a HPI Check Carried Out?

In this day and age, buying a used vehicle without carrying out a HPI check is very unwise indeed. A huge number of vehicles in the UK are being stolen and given new identities. This practice is called cloning. Even a basic HPI check will pick this up and prevent you from buying a vehicle that you may have to hand back at a later date to its original owner.

In addition, you will be guaranteed not to buy a vehicle that has suffered more wear and tear than you realise. You will also avoid buying a vehicle which has been deemed as unroadworthy and unsafe to repair by an insurance company. If you make the mistake of buying a vehicle like this driving it is illegal because no reputable insurance company will give you a policy for that vehicle. Once you have bought car like this getting your money back is practically impossible. When you consider that, in all likelihood, you have brought the vehicle from a professional criminal you can see why getting your money back is not likely to be easy.

Finding Someone Reliable to Do Your HPI Check

There are plenty of people out offering HPI checks; however, not all of them offer genuine checks. It is important to only buy a HPI check from company that offers you a guarantee. That guarantee means that if, at a later date, you discover that the information within the check was not accurate you can claim compensation. Check that the level of compensation that you would be entitled to covers the cost of the vehicle you are considering buying.

Net Car offers a great HPI check service. The checks that they carry out are thorough and fully guaranteed yet they do not charge as much as others do for this service.