Cycle Claim – Compensation For Your Bicycle Accident

Any cyclist in the UK will know just how dangerous it can be getting from place to place on your bicycle. Each year, thousands of cyclists are seriously injured and there are, unfortunately, several fatalities each year. Cyclists are much more vulnerable to accident and injury than any other transport users and this means that they must be extra careful when on the road. If, however, an accident does occur, they can file a cycle claim with a bicycle lawyer which could see them compensated for their injuries.

However, it is always better to prevent injury, so here are some of the most common causes of cycle accidents which cyclists should be aware of if they want to avoid having to make a cycle claim:

Vehicle Collision

Vehicle collisions are not the most common cause of a cycle claim but they are the accidents which cause the most amount of carnage when they do occur. Many motorists do not pay due attention to cyclists and often fail to see them approach. This leads to quite a few collisions, many of which sadly end in serious injury or fatality. More often than not, it is not the cyclist who is at fault in these circumstances and a cycle claim can be made.

Unsafe Roads

We all pay our taxes to ensure that the roads we use are well maintained, unfortunately, this is not always the case and many local councils seriously neglect their roads. This is a major problem for all road users but cyclists in particular are very vulnerable to potholes and could file a cycle claim against the local authorities should they be injured as a result of poorly maintained roads.


Another thing which has been the cause of many a cycle claim is the family pet. A lot of people let their dogs run freely in public areas and, although this is not necessarily a problem, some dogs have a fondness for chasing bicycles which can lead to an injury. If this happens to you, you could pursue a cycle claim against the dog’s owner for failing to control their dog properly. can help you with your bicycle accident claim. If you believe you may have a legitimate cycle claim visit their website today.