Bi Folding Doors Are Great Space Savers

You many not have heard of bi folding doors before, but they are actually quite common. They are very popular in conservatories and small spaces in particular because they are great for saving space in small areas and offer a good alternative to regular sliding doors. They also work well as room dividers too, as you can fold them back or close them depending on the portion of the room you want to be visible.


What Are Bi Folding Doors?


Bi folding doors are simply doors which are made up of two panels. This means that the doors can be folded as they are connected with central hinges. Most bi folding doors tend to be hung overhead and using tracks. As the doors feature hinges, it is possible to fold them together and push them aside if you want to open up a room for a much more spacious look.


Space Saving


One of the main reasons why so many people are now choosing to install bi folding doors is the convenience they offer in terms of giving greater space than a normal door would. As the doors can simply be folded and pushed aside, they are great for giving a more open plan feel to the home and are also very convenient when transferring large bulky objects such as furniture, from room to room.


Buying bi Folding Doors


If you think that your home could benefit from the addition of bi folding doors, there are some things which you should be aware of when buying. The main thing you should know is that folding doors come in many different shapes and sizes and some have 3, 4 or even 5 panels, so you must double check and be sure to ask for bi folding doors rather than just bi folding doors.


Another thing which is extremely important, especially when buying online, is to ensure that you take accurate measurements of the area in which the door will place. This will avoid any hassle or disappointment which would be inevitable should the wrong sized doors turn up. offers a range of quality folding doors online. To learn more about their sliding folding doors, check out the website today.