Value for money marketing for small businesses

Marketing and promotion can be tough for a small business. There’s only a small budget and every pound spent has to generate some sort of return. Modern marketing seems to have gone all sophisticated and high tech, which means it requires specialist know how and plenty of cash to execute properly. But what about the older, simpler methods of promoting a business? Are they still valid in this Internet age?

Well the answer is yes, absolutely. A small business doesn’t have to spend a fortune to reach out to new customers. Often it’s just a case of being imaginative and going back to the tried and tested. It’s easy to forget just how important things like good business card design are. Going along to a chamber of commerce meeting or a relevant industry trade fair is a great way to meet new prospects. And handing them a well designed card that reminds them of the product or service on offer will jog their memory after the event. By putting a little thought and effort into business card design the chances of getting that call back improve dramatically. Cards need to sum up the product or service and the company’s unique selling points, making it stand out from the crowd. It’s an incredibly effective yet low cost marketing tool.

By shopping around for designers and printers it’s possible to get cards sorted out at incredibly low rates. Take By using their templates to design and print cards there’s no need to go to a designer or an agency to get them made up. Thanks to this easy to use website great quality cards can be put together quickly and cost effectively. Great news for any small business. Networking and handing out business cards and flyers still works. Its’ a great form of low cost marketing for small businesses.

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