The Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

Anybody that works with food, or will be working with food is legally required to take a basic food hygiene certificate. This certificate shows that the holder has learnt how to handle food, how to carefully and safely store it, and various other factors that are important to the safe preparation, storage, sale, and serving of food. There are a number of certificates available and you can choose the one that is most relevant to the industry in which you work.

The catering industry typically requires direct handling of food that is served and consumed on the premises. As well as cafés and restaurants, kitchens found in hospitals, schools, and other organisations also fall under the catering umbrella. As such, the most suitable basic food hygiene certificate for anybody working within these areas is the catering one. Elements like hot food handling will be found in this specific course.

The basic food hygiene certificate for retail is meant for those that may prepare food and do sell it on the premises, but the food is taken away before being eaten. Food shops and stalls are some of the more common retail settings. As well as basic food hygiene elements, you will also cover aspects like date stamping and cold storage to ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge for your specific area of work.

You work in the food manufacturing industry if the food is taken away to another location before being sold and consumed. Packing and handling in factories typically requires a a basic food hygiene certificate for manufacturing and if you’re looking for factory or warehouse work then acquiring this certificate before applying for jobs can help improve your chances of being employed.

Regardless of the type of basic food hygiene certificate you need, you can study online which is both quick and convenient, offering you access to the certificate you earn in just a few days when it arrives on your doorstep. You can study in your own time, and the full course is usually completed in two hours, so you can choose whether to do this in a single sitting or over several sittings.

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