Some lesser known motoring offences

Motoring law covers a wide range of driving offences besides the classic speeding, drink driving and careless driving charges. Here are some of the other areas on which motoring solicitors can offer expert guidance:

Failing to Identify the Driver
An NIP or Notice of Intended Prosecution can be received is a car is caught speeding by a speed camera. This means that the police cannot identify the driver so an NIP is issued to the registered car owner and they are requested to confirm who was driving.

This is not a straightforward area of driving law. You may hear people at work, at your local or even on some websites claiming that speeding traffic offences can be avoided if you do not admit to driving the car. However never take advice from people not qualified in this area of driving law. You can gain six points for failing to identify a driver whereas you may only have accrued three points for admitting to speeding. If you actually lie to police about the offence this is deemed perverting the course of justice which can lead to a custodial sentence.

If you are genuinely unsure as to who was driving the car you will need a professional motoring lawyer to handle the case and present the facts carefully to the Court.

Driving without insurance
This can be a straightforward case. Either you are insured or you’re not. You can’t take the defence that you thought you were insured. The only possible defence in this situation is that you were using a company car and were informed that it was covered by insurance.

You will definitely need a solicitor in this case as the penalty can be a maximum of 8 points. It is imperative keep points as low as possible and motoring solicitors can either put together a letter of mitigation or attend the Court.

At Cunningham’s Solicitors we can help with all forms of motoring offence.

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