Choosing the Right Pictures on Canvas Prints

When you are looking for a piece of wall art, it can be daunting trying to decide on the perfect artwork. Getting your pictures to canvas can be a great way of creating unique artwork that you will not see on anybody else’s wall. But how you determine which picture you will choose can cause you quite a headache. Here are some ideas on what to look for when creating a custom canvas print:

Google Image Search

You don’t want to infringe copyright, so be careful when selecting an image, but Google Image Search is a great way of at least finding some ideas for getting pictures on canvas. Just search for something that you like and Google will throw hundreds of ideas at you. You could find something you like instantly, or you could find some inspiration for creating your own image.

Social Media Sites

Look through your own pictures on Facebook, or Flickr and see which would look best as a canvas print. You could opt for landscape photo, or an image of a group of friends. If you have a beloved nephew, niece, son or daughter then images of children are always warm and friendly. You could see an image on a friend’s page, or even a landscape photo taken by somebody else. Ask permission, if it’s for home use they could just be flattered that you would want to transfer their pictures to canvas.

Design Blogs

These are a great source of inspiration, whether they give an immediate piece of artwork that would look ideal for your home, or if they just spark a light bulb in your head. There are some fantastic design blogs, just search on Google and be as specific as you like. The more niche your search the more likely you are to find that perfect picture for a canvas print.

Children’s Drawings

The naivety of a child’s drawing lends itself perfectly to a canvas print. So take the picture off the fridge scan it in and create a magnificent canvas print. Children’s picture on canvas prints will be a talking point in any room, perfect for bedrooms.

These are just a few ideas, but there is inspiration for pictures that would be suitable for canvas printing all around us. Just be creative, even carry your camera everywhere you go and live for the moment.


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