Paramount Labels

Paramount labels make the products people do not realise they need until they actually have to have them. They work to design labels for use by all kinds of firms from multinational companies to sole traders. They offer a truly bespoke label service.

Products That Paramount Labels Sell

If you want, blank labels to print your own label designs on you can buy these from Paramount. They sell a range of good quality labels in a huge array of shapes, sizes and colours. Many firms order their thermal labels from Paramount them. Other firms buy their blank computer or matrix labels from them. They also provide companies with plain labels with common phrases like ‘sale’ printed on them that can be stuck onto products or items.

If you want specialist labels such as domed or foil labels, you can buy them from Paramount. These specialist labels come in an array of sizes and shapes including oblongs, squares and circles. Given that not many firms own printers capable of printing onto this format of label, Paramount offers a full printing service for this kind of label.

They also do the same for window stickers, which again can be ordered in a wide array of sizes. The range of shapes you can choose from is even bigger with ovals, cars and other customised shapes being available.

They also offer a full A4 label service. You can design the label you want including window strips and back cutting, which can be printed on laser printers.

For complex jobs, Paramount offers a full digital printing service. They are happy to talk to you about any kind of label you need and work out a way of giving you what you need.

Ordering From Paramount Labels

If you want plain unprinted labels, you simply need to go to their website and ask for some samples. They take all orders over the phone. If you want to Paramount Labels to print bespoke labels for you ring them or ask for a quote online. They will talk you through the process including how to send them the artwork and how much the job will cost.


Visit the Paramount Labels website to see the range of labels they offer and learn more about the bespoke service they provide.