Top Bed Designs for Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe and more storage space than you can fill in your bedroom then you can stop reading now. If you’re not so lucky and find that your journey from bed to door is fraught with the risk of trips and stumbles over belongings then read on.

Your bedroom ought to be somewhere that you can enter, shut the door and breathe a big sigh of relief. Somewhere that is utterly relaxing and tranquil; to aid sleep and relaxation and make you more inclined to be close to your partner. If you have a big basket of towels that you stub your toe on, piles of books that you have read and now don’t know where else to put them beside your bed, or for some inexplicable reason have a stack of bedding on the floor then you’re not going to achieve this sense of inner calm.

So if your wardrobes are maxed out despite any efforts made to throw out any old or unwanted clothes and your chest of drawers is fit to burst, where else in an average bedroom can you store all those extra belongings?

How about your bed? After all, it is the single piece of bedroom furniture that takes up the most floor space in your bedroom, so why not see if it can serve dual purposes by being a bed and storage space too?

There are two main types of storage beds available: raised beds and divan-style storage beds.

Raised beds are more commonly seen in children’s bedrooms in the form of bunk beds or cabin beds. But that’s not to say they can’t be used by us grown-ups too! There are many such designs available for adults on the market because bedroom furniture designers recognise that people need to be creative with the space that they have available. If you have a raised bed, you’ll need to climb up to it using steps or a ladder – pretty fun, though perhaps less so if you’ve had a heavy night out.

Under a raised bed you can either fit another wardrobe and desk, or a chest of drawers or two, or have a specially-designed fitted shelving unit created (though we would recommend that you have doors fitted – no-one will have to see the mess then).

Storage beds are available either as divans with slide-out drawers fitted into the base, or with bases that lift up at the foot to reveal storage space underneath the base. The latter provides far more storage space, since the storage space is beneath the entire bed rather than being limited to two drawers (that will usually store only up to a certain weight before collapsing). You might think that the beds that lift up to reveal storage space beneath sound like a sure way to develop a hernia, but actually they use a hydraulic system that makes them very easy to raise even with the mattress still in place.

If you have a standard wooden bed then you can always buy storage boxes with lids and rollers that you can wheel in and out from under the bed.

Use the additional storage for things like towels or bedding or for large things from elsewhere in the house that don’t really fit anywhere else. Or just keep it free in case your in-laws decide to pop round unannounced and fling all your clutter in there whilst they’re walking up the driveway.



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