What are Online Pokies?

The term “online pokies” was first used in Australia. It has since spread across the globe and is now widely used to describe online slot machines and video poker games which are played at various online casinos.

“Online Pokies” was actually taken from ‘pokies’ which is what the Australians call slot machines and video poker games which are very popular in the bars around the country. When online slots and poker became much more readily available, they continued to refer to them as pokies and that is how we got the term.

Types of Online Pokies

You only have to type ‘online pokies’ into a search engine to see just how popular they are and, just how many different types of online pokies are available. The most popular online pokies are certainly the slot machine type pokies which require users to do little more than press a button. If they match a certain number of pictures, numbers or symbols, then they will win a prize.

Video poker games are also a popular form of online pokies which allow users to play poker via their internet connection, against a computer, or in some cases, with other people from all over the world. The jackpots you can expect to win with online pokies such as this can be in the millions, so they can be quite lucrative for the skilled poker player.

Classic Games

Some online pokies can be classified as ‘classic’ games. These are pokies which are basically virtual versions of classic offline games. They are typically very simple games such as 3 line poker. They tend to be fairly simplistic and easy to use. This makes them particularly popular with those who are new to online pokies.

Advanced Video Slots

For those who want more of a challenge than the classic 3 line games, there are many advanced online pokies which offer a much more complex level of gameplay. They typically have between 5 and 25 lines to play, so you really can get into a more complex game and the special effects included make for a much more thrilling gaming experience.


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