Making a Feature Film Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

If you want to make a feature film, you may worry that, to do it justice, you will have to spend a huge amount of money. However, with the right script, the right tools and a little ingenuity, you can easily create a film that can look as professional as any big budget picture.

For example, it may seem like you will have to jettison any ideas of having sweeping shots of skylines or interesting and unique angles from above, and yet helicopter trips can be extremely cheap, and there are plenty of companies that will allow you to film on helicopter tours, or even spend an hour or so in a helicopter alone getting angles of the exact areas you wish to film.

Therefore, not only might it be very cheap to buy or hire the necessary equipment to make the film, but even creating elaborate and beautiful shots can be cost-effective with the right approach – such as taking simple helicopter trips.

The trick to creating an interesting and well-shot film on a budget is to make sure you have a script that won’t be sacrificed by budget constraints. If there are scenes that genuinely need a big budget to ensure they work, try to find new ways to get the same information across, or even look at writing a new script, one focussed on a lower budget, and saving your original script for another time.

Helicopter tours can be a wonderfully enjoyable experience, but they can also be very practical, and can be taken for a surprisingly low cost. By looking at such a solution, and many similar tricks, you can create a film that looks like it cost far more, and even do it without the interference of others, something you are almost certainly not going to be able to do once budgets start to rise.

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