Why Space is More Exciting Than Ever

Another successful mission to Mars, the finding of the God Particle, and a year that has offered many celestial visual treats – space seems to be in the headlines more than ever. As we learn more about the universe, the more exciting it becomes. Maybe once we know everything, the magic will be gone, but since that is unlikely to happen for a good few hundred thousand years yet (if ever), the universe looks set to only fill us with ever more wonder.

As with any magic, the more we know about an illusion or show, the more impressive it is, right up until the part where we actually know how the trick was done. The same goes for space, and as we are learning more, more and more people are becoming fascinated with what is beyond our world.

Technology is helping too, and it is easier than ever for amateurs to explore the universe themselves with the aid of simple astronomical telescopes. As our knowledge of space is expanding, so too is our ability to see it and now even relatively cheap telescopes will allow people to see vast distances and enjoy space as never before.

With the clear view of the space station this year and celestial showers giving plenty for amateur astronomers to enjoy, more and more people are looking to the skies to enjoy once in a lifetime phenomena and sites. And with the array of astronomical telescopes on sale at low prices, it is easy for anyone to enjoy such spectacles in the most exciting way possible, without it breaking the bank.

We know more about the universe than ever before, and yet still know only a fraction of the wonders it really has to offer. Yet, with the right telescopes, we can actually all be able to experience for ourselves each and every new wonder it has to offer.

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