Approved Used Vehicles From Drive Benfield

Buying a second hand vehicle always carries some risks but by buying quality approved used vehicles it is possible to greatly reduce these risks. You can enjoy a high quality car at considerably lower cost than buying new.With an approved car it is possible to enjoy up to a 12 month warranty and every car has been thoroughly checked by mechanics to ensure that it meets strict standards set out by the manufacturer of the vehicle.


In order to be eligible for approved status, the car will usually have to have low mileage and have a full service history. Low mileage cars tend to attract fewer problems and lower ongoing costs because they have not been used excessively so parts will not be as worn and the engine will not have suffered the kind of abuse that they undertake when covering many tens of thousands of miles.


A full service history means that the deal can verify the history of the car. You can be certain that your new vehicle does not have a hidden past that may result in you having to meet extensive repair bills or pay for expensive replacement parts. It also provides the mechanics with a history of any possible problems so that they can determine any potential repairs that are required and work to fix them.


The biggest benefit of buying approved used cars is that you will save money when compared to buying a new car. It will have no defects when you buy it and you will be able to enjoy a very good quality car at low cost. What’s more, you will drive away with a free warranty. With Drive Benfield you also enjoy a number of other benefits that ensure you will be happy with your new purchase.


The Lifestyle Test Drive scheme means that you can take a car away and test it for a longer period. Driving a car to the roundabout and back won’t indicate whether it is a good fit for your lifestyle. You also receive a 30 day exchange guarantee so if you change your mind about the car you choose and return it within 30 days you can drive away a different car; one that is better suited to your requirements.


Visit to see their full list of approved used cars. Drive Benfield also offer a corporate motoring scheme with low prices and an extensive selection of high quality cars.


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