Why Men Now Spend More Time in the Kicthen than Women

A recent study has shown that men are now actually more likely to spend time in the kitchen than women are. There are many different reasons for this, from socialising to the fact they are likely to feel more comfortable nipping in regularly to make snacks, but ultimately, with this in mind, many people may want to change the way in which they focus the style of their kitchen.

Men are also far more likely to actually take the initiative to cook today and with so many high profile male chefs now being known, men are starting to realise just how impressive the ability to cook can be, and just how rewarding the results are too.

So how does this affect style? Well, the kitchen may have traditionally been a woman’s domain, but this can no longer be said and therefore the temptation to make the kitchen more feminine in style may well need to be reconsidered.

Wood worktops and floors are a good place to start for a less feminine kitchen. Wood seems to be as attractive to both males and females and therefore the right wood worktops and floors are likely to help each sex spend the right amount of time in the kitchen.

Worktops aside, gadgets are also important for males, and men are more likely to be interested by appliances than women. Ultimately, for men, appliances are less about practicality and more about what can be achieved and for a man to truly feel at home in the kitchen the appliances will need to be right.

The kitchen is no longer just for women, and therefore designing your kitchen with equality in mind can be very important to ensure that both can feel equally at home. And with just the right worktops, floors and appliances this may be easier to do than you might think.