Why Car Buyers Should be Careful in the Second Hand Market

Legal drivers who are purchasing their first vehicle, or choosing to swap their current existing car for an upgraded or downsized model for their respective purposes, face a wealth of choice. Car dealerships across the United Kingdom provide customers with a consummate range of cars across manufacturer brands, number of doors and overall type of vehicle. The second hand market further increases the options available to first time buyers and experienced drivers to purchase a used vehicle from another driver who chooses to sell their car on.

Like many other products, buyers would assume that their purchase is genuine and that no unscrupulous acts have been involved before, or during, the transaction. Although people should be able to buy a used car in good faith and in complete trust, the second hand market contains many dangers which can leave buyers exposed. Unscrupulous sellers try to sell vehicles that are either stolen, not road safe or have masked history details which result in a valuation far greater than the vehicle is actually worth.

It is for this prime reason that an accredited vehicle check has been established to ensure buyers, whether they are legal drivers, forecourt owners or wheeler dealers, do not fall foul of the hidden dangers associated with the second hand market. A car registration check provides buyers with the exact, accurate information and history of any car which can be compared with the details provided by a seller.

There are numerous aspects of a car’s history which unscrupulous sellers will not disclose in correspondence with a seller or within the information provided in advertisements. Paying over the odds for a car can be a particularly expensive experience for those who choose not to carry out a vehicle check, although there are other hidden details that carry greater danger. Buyers who choose the second hand market may purchase a car that is either stolen or classed as an insurance write-off. The latter of the two poses a great risk to the safety and wellbeing of any driver as the damage sustained and masked by an unscrupulous driver could cause a serious road accident.

A car registration check is a thorough process which reveals accurate, DVLA-accredited information on a car that can be used to detect any inaccuracies within the details provided by an unlawful seller.