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There are many ways in which a company can embark on a recruitment drive to find ideal candidates for a particular post. Traditional methods include newspaper and job centre advertising as well as the publication of position details in trade and industry magazines. Online recruitment has become extremely popular, especially with the Internet savvy technology and IT world. Social profile websites like LinkedIn are often touted as being a beneficial addition to a recruitment programme while recruitment service scan help identify some of the best possible candidates for an open position.

Before a company starts advertising positions and attempting to recruit, they first need to ensure that post details are accurate and offer the greatest appeal to potential candidates. Salaries and benefits should be competitive and the company brand should have a reputation as being a good employer. Information packs and job roles should be ready to go as soon as the recruitment programme begins too.

Online recruitment has become a firm favourite especially in the IT industry. There are many opportunities to be found online and this makes it especially important that recruiters use the most appropriate channels to deliver a highly targeted message to candidates. Sites like LinkedIn may prove beneficial in some circumstances but one recent report has shown that some LinkedIn users embellish their online profile, do not update with the latest information, and have embellished on behalf of their connections.

An alternative is to use dedicated recruitment and job sites. Some online site can give rise to hundreds or even thousands of applications from targeted candidates; those that have the appropriate qualifications, skills, and experience to successfully fill the roles that you are advertising.

IT has become an invaluable commodity and whether you are looking to fill software engineer, web application development, or web design positions you will need to find a reliable and effective source of potential candidates. According to a recent study of successful online recruiters it is important to concentrate your efforts and personalise recruitment to match a handful of viable recruitment channels when you take your efforts online.