Law of Attraction – Looking Beyond ‘The Secret’

Rhonda Byrne created a phenomenon, when she made the movie ‘The Secret’. She brought this to the notice of the common man that there is far more powerful truth – hidden, buried, stolen, sold for vast money and always kept away from them. The movie changed the life of many people and wrote Rhonda Byrne’s name in history with golden letters. But is the movie running out of the steam now? Did Rhonda reveal the complete Secret?

Rhonda Byrne experienced an amazing change in her own life. Her life was falling into pieces, when her daughter gave her a copy of an old book – “The Science of Getting Rich”. That day her life changed forever. She decided to share this information to public and she made the movie – ‘The Secret’. Her intention was to awake people from their deep sleep and to get them to start thinking and find the answers to their life puzzles. The movie is still waking people up – all over the world and in great numbers.

But once we wake up – What next? When we wake up fully and start ourselves on the road of ‘Law of Attraction’, we come to a junction where there are 2 roads ahead. One road takes us back to sleep and other takes us to the next level. To illustrate this, let us look at this story. There are 2 friends Leo and Neo (unreal names). They both lost their job in the recession and did not know where to go. On a website, they read something about ‘The Secret’ and they both watch the movie. It blows their mind off. They both start visualisation and affirmations and start invoking the Law of attraction. They both end up in an amazing new job. Law of Attraction works!! Right?

Now here comes the junction. Leo is happy to get a job and almost stops practicing the visualisation. In any difficult situation that he faces, he remembers the Law of Attraction, but it doesn’t seem to work. He gives up and he calls his previous experience as beginner’s luck and declares that this stuff doesn’t work – goes back to sleep.

Neo is also happy in his job, but knows somewhere inside him that if he can attract a job, he can also attract a million dollar. He practices visualisation each day, but still finds himself being held back by someone. He explores more and takes one of the programs with a teacher in the movie. He realises that the ‘Law of Attraction’ is just one of the many Laws. There is Law of Vibration, Law of Compensation, Law of Success, Law of Cause and Effect and many more. The new awareness brings him great powers and he goes on and earns millions of dollars.

Each one of are offered the blue pill or the red pill at some point in our life. Know the red pill and set yourself free. Most of teachers in ‘The Secret’ have created some phenomenal programs, written books and conduct seminars and coaching programs to help people transform their life. They not only explain the ‘Law of Attraction’, but also other Laws. They also give tools and strategies to be able to use these Laws to attract the abundance in all the areas of the life. There is a small investment involved – time and money. There may be some sacrifices to be made. But the rewards weigh much more than the effort put in.

There is a completely different world beyond the Law of Attraction, beyond ‘The Secret’.

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May you find the success, happiness and peace you deserve!