Vet Jobs in NZ

Vet jobs are very rewarding in a financial and moral sense. There are a few ways to get veterinary jobs. You can either look for one yourself by going to the various clinics and farms or you can use veterinary recruitment agencies. The latter is the better option because of the following reasons.

1. Vast job opportunities

Using veterinary recruitment agencies will provide access to very many vet jobs from all over the country. This is because employers prefer to use them when looking for employees. They do this in order to get the most qualified person for a given position. There are many vet jobs around and thus advisable to use these agencies in order to get the best job depending on your expertise.

2. Time saving

When using an agency to look for veterinary jobs, you will not have to go to individual employers. You can rely on the vast client base the agency has to get you a job within the shortest time possible. You can use the time and money saved to increase your competitiveness in the job market by going back to school, picking up temporary vet jobs and the like.

3. Constant updates

Veterinary recruitment agencies like the 1st Call Recruitment agency in New Zealand will keep you constantly updated on all job openings in the country and overseas. This allows you to easily weigh your options and select the one that best suites you. This also allows you to select from hundreds of vet jobs, a luxury not afforded when looking for the job yourself.

4. CV writing

There are many applications that are rejected because of the formatting. Some veterinary recruitment agencies like 1st call Recruitment can help create a resume using the information submitted in a way that prospective employers find agreeable. CV formatting changes all the time and an individual should use an agency to stay up to date.

5. Relevant advice

The job market changes all the time and veterinary recruitment agencies are the best way to stay on top of things. This is because they are in direct contact with all major employers. These employers will provide information on changes in certain parts of veterinary medicine e.g. which new vet jobs are coming up etc. The agency then informs all job seekers in their database of this new information. The job seekers can act on it by getting more training, applying early etc. This will mean that a person stays professionally relevant in a constantly changing job market. An individual cannot be privy to this very important information.

6. Ease of application

Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to apply into veterinary recruitment agencies. For instance, all a person needs to do to apply into the 1st Call Recruitment agency in New Zealand is:

. Looking through the database of available veterinary jobs and apply for the best ones.
. Register using an online registration form and attach a copy of the r?sum?.

This process is followed by people looking for jobs in New Zealand or abroad.

In a nutshell, the best bet for getting the most suitable vet jobs is by using veterinary recruitment agencies.

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