Oil recruitment are high paid jobs

Oil recruitment is, quite, difficult as compared to other recruitments because oil recruitment is very specific so if a person who has eight out of ten qualities matching to the job specification then the person will be rejected because the company’s want someone who is very accurate with the job profile and hence, oil recruiters find it, quite, difficult to close the position. Many people are willing to make their career in oil industry because of the importance of oil in our day-to-day life; if the price of oil increases then many other products’ prices also tends to increase.
Positions for Oil recruitment
There are various types of jobs in oil industry and depending on the same oil recruitment is being done so that there is no mismatch of the person and the job that they will be doing. Various positions in oil recruitment are as follows: –
1. HVAC supervisor – HVAC supervisor is important position in oil recruitment because this person takes care of all the technical activities going on in the organization. This person guides the people with technicalities that take place in the organization. It is their responsibility to take care of the machineries and give suggestions so that the existing machineries are into existence for longer period of time.
2. Driller – Drilling is a major activity that takes place in oil industry. Oil recruitment majorly consists of hiring drillers. Drillers are present in many industry but people prefer to hire someone who has similar experience in similar industry. Driller can be a junior position wherein the driller will have to do the drilling work and the driller can be a senior position too, if the person has to supervise and train the drillers who are working under him.
3. Risk Manager – Oil recruitment of risk manager is a very senior position. Normally, people with minimum 15-20 years of experience in the same industry are hired as a risk manager. The basic responsibility of people who are hired for this position would be to supervise people and see to it that the safety methods are used properly by them and apart from that, they also see to it that the losses of the project is reduced to the extent possible.
4. Project Manager – Project manager is a very difficult position for oil recruitment because this person takes care of all the activities that are being carried on at the site of oil production.
Oil recruitment in various countries
All the countries don’t undertake oil recruitment because all the countries don’t do oil production. Many countries produce oil but that is very limited but there are few countries that produce oil extensively and they are the one who undertake oil recruitment extensively; few of such countries are as follows: –
1. Russia
2. Saudia Arabia
3. United States
4. Iran
5. China
6. Canada
7. United Arab Mirates
8. Iraq
These countries outsource their oil recruitment to other countries from wherein they can get human resources at the cheapest possible cost.

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