Safety And Your Climbing Frame

Climbing frames can be a great addition to any garden. They are perfect for children who may not have easy access to a park not to mention the fact that they are a great way to keep fit and occupied for hours, all where you can keep a watchful eye over them.

Climbing frames come in many designs from the relatively simple ones which contain a slide and a swing, to full fortresses! Of course when buying a climbing garden climbing frame such as this you should be sure to verify that it has been fully tested for safety. This means looking for safety accreditation that comes from an independent organisation. Ideally you would like the structure to comply with European Safety Standards EN71-1, EN71-3, EN71-8 and EN71-9.

The climbing frame will also have an ideal age range which may be anywhere from 3 to 14. Of course, it is then not a good idea for younger or older children to be playing on it. All climbing frames should be designed to have no spaces where a child could potentially get trapped. You should also find out how much weight the swings can take. The likelihood is that children will find ways of playing on one swing together, so making sure that the swing is well capable of supporting a weight far greater should give you some peace of mind.

Of course, placement will be key for your new climbing frame, so it is key that it is not near dangerous areas like footpaths, log cabins or water features. With a little forethought you can imagine whaAbout Author

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