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The Big Little Crane Company is a competitive mini crane hire company that offers professional crane hire at competitive rates. Based in the Midlands The Big Little Crane Company is able to provide professional crane hire across the UK to cities as far as Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and London.

Our comprehensive mini crane hire service incorporates both standard and bespoke services tailored to your individual requirements. We are able to provide you mini crane hire for an individual application or in even for bulk contracts. We have a team of fully qualified and highly-experienced staff at our disposal who are similarly friendly and attentive, and able to cater to your every requirement.

Here at The Little Big Crane Company we have a diverse collection of cranes from you to choose from. Whether you require mini crane hire or spider crane hire we’re certain to match the appropriate crane for your purposes. We have a range of cranes for lifting large dead weights up high or even to move small cumbersome objects on tricky terrain.

Each of the mini crane hire facilities from The Little Big Company are both compact and strong. They can be easily folded into compact units for transportation and sufficiently manoeuvred in between tight little spaces like doorways, corridors and tunnels.

One of the principle uses for our mini crane hire is glass installation. We have our own vacuum lifting device for securely attaching the glass panes and lifting the glass up to the appropriate height. As previously stated the mini crane hire options that we have can be manoeuvred into awkward spaces, uneven terrain or under restricted height situations. Ideal for shop front or construction applications our mini cranes will fulfil your needs with a minimum of ease.

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