Do your premises require new Platform Lifts?

Over the last few years, legislation has been put in place to ensure that office buildings, commercial premises, retail stores and other buildings open to the public are accessible for those with mobility issues.

Platform lifts could be an ideal solution for those who own premises, run a restaurant or manage an office and want to ensure equal access for all. Platform lifts are simple solutions which allow wheelchair users to safely and swiftly move around a building, and can help companies to make sure their offices and other premises are in keeping with discrimination legislation and guidelines.

Here at Wheelchair Access, we specialise in platform lifts and we have a wealth of experience in fitting top quality and easy to use platform lifts in a whole host of buildings and premises. All of our platform lifts team understand the specifics of making platform lifts useable in different spaces, and our work is always carried out to an impeccable standard.

We work with the Sesame platform lifts and access system, which includes a unique platform lifts design which can work up to a height of 2000mm. Our platform lifts lifting platform can be created and clad using any kind of material, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the surrounding decor, and our system also ensures that a stairwell and other access options can be used by able bodied visitors when platform lifts are not in use.

We know that safety is the most important aspect of installing platform lifts, and this is why all of our platform lifts and access products are built and designed with building regulations and health and safety legislation in mind.

If you are looking for the right platform lifts deal for your company or premises, then visit us today and use our handy price request service. Our platform lifts team can advise you on the best platform lifts deal for your needs and situation, and will also be able to give you an idea about prices and time scales for a platform lifts job.

Get in touch with us today and talk to our team about your platform lifts needs.

At we have the most fantastic and diverse selection of sought after platform lifts which are in perfect working order. Our wheelchair lifts are considered to be the finest on the market!