How Plastic Bolts Could Reduce Product Weight and Save You Money

It may seem as though the weight difference between metal bolts and plastic bolts will be fairly negligible. However, when you consider just how many are often needed to hold larger items together, and then consider the amount of products that are likely to be sold throughout a year, those companies that are manufacturing goods with bolts may find that the weight difference between using plastic washers and metal ones could be huge.

So what are the benefits of this reduction in weight? Well, there are actually likely to be many. Not only does the reduction in weight make it a lot easier for people to carry and manoeuvre your products but it can also reduce a great deal of the stress that can actually be placed on the item itself.

On top of this, a reduction in weight can also simply save you money. Whilst you may well find that manufacturing plastic bolts is actually cheaper in the first place and will also allow you to more easily recycle any bolts that aren’t ultimately used, the reduction in delivery weight can also be great.

When you are sending out multiple products, the difference in weight seen by using plastic washers and bolts can be huge and as such you are either likely to save a great deal of money on the cost of the petrol or even simply find that individual items cost you less to send via couriers, allowing you to be more competitive in the marketplace.

On top of these savings, plastic products such as these are also simply likely to last longer, have far less chance of seizing and be far less likely to cause damage to other items should they come loose or protrude. Ultimately, for those creating any products with bolts in them, going plastic is likely to be best all round.

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