Lay Flat Tubing

Lay flat tubing also known as LFT is a long continuous tube of polythene. This is sold on rolls from packaging suppliers and can be used for a wide variety of different packaging solutions.  The reason that lay flat tubing is so popular is that it is so easy and quick to pack items inside it. You can easily pack the item inside cut to the required length then use a heat sealer, tape or staples to seal the end ready for packing and shipping.

Lay flat tubing is commonly used to pack very long items or misshaped items that would otherwise but very difficult to wrap. It saves a company needing to have a large stock of polythene bags in different shapes and sizes as lay flat tubing can be used to pack most items. You can purchase lay flat tubing in a wide range of sizes ranging from around 75mm wide to 1500mm wide. Many suppliers sell lay flat tubing that is suitable for packing food products and if it is heat sealed would be suitable for freezing food products in.

There are many different industries and businesses that use lay flat tubing such as the construction industry, furniture manufactures, mattress retailers, textile companies, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, publishing, food, automotive and foam industries. It can be used for such a vast range of different purposes which makes it easy to see why it is the preferred packing choice for many businesses.

If you need a different type of packing solution for use in a retail environment then you are likely to need polythene bags. Polythene bags such as carrier bags are the most commonly used type of bags in the retail industry. They are cheap, practical and can be customised to display your brand or company logo which also helps with advertising and raising brand awareness. Polythene bags and lay flat tubing should be available from the same supplier so you have one contact for all your packaging needs.

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