The Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is still relatively new to the market but it has taken off thanks to its unique looks and its innovative crossover of styles between SUV, 4×4 and Estate. Another reason behind the car’s popularity is the low price tag which accompanies it, with new models available for under £15,000 and even some of the better equipped models costing under £20,000. If you’re looking for a car that is brimming personality and packed with functionality then the Nissan Juke is ideal.


In terms of style, it is very difficult to compare the Nissan Juke to any other car. It is the younger sibling of the bigger Qashqai and you will notice similarities with other Nissan models, even including the Micra. However, the Juke has a styling that is completely unique and it is a look that many people have really taken to for its quirkiness and innovation.


In terms of engine, the Juke has a 1.6 litre petrol or a 1.5 litre diesel option offering decent fuel economy. There are three driving options in the four cylinder engine and by making the most the eco setting you can enjoy up to 32mpg while driving on the motorway. Even around town, where fuel consumption is considerably reduced, you should still expect a decent 26mpg – not bad for a car of its size.


The Nissan Juke is a compact SUV. It offers a lot of room inside, both for passengers and for storage, but the compact nature of the design and the engine size mean that it can prove nippy and a great everyday car for use in urban driving conditions as well as driving on open roads. It is a five door hatchback which means that it is easy for anybody to get in and out of, and you can choose from a good range of optional extras and additions.


There is a more expensive 4×4 alternative available. This petrol engine alternative to the standard Nissan Juke provides even greater control and stability even when cornering at speed, although it does come with an additional cost. However, it is just another innovative addition to the increasingly popular Nissan Juke range.


The Nissan Juke offers flexibility, comfort, and reliability as well as unique, good looks and affordability. West Way Nissan has a range of the latest models at competitive prices and backed by convenient payment methods and finance deals.