Dressmakers Dummy

A dressmakers dummy is ideal to have on the shop floor or even for market stalls and exhibitions. There is nothing quite like seeing how an outfit would look on and the dummy allows you to really showcase a variety of different items. Railings in shops are great for saving space, but it is always a great idea to have a few of the mannequins around the space you have in order to really attract in the shoppers and encourage more sales.

Find a Great Price Online

In many shop fitter outlets you can find that the price of a dressmaker dummy is rather high. By using the Internet you can make great savings which will help reduce your expenses when it comes to create attractive and profitable shop displays. You can find many clearance sales, but if the sales are not on you will usually discover the cost is far less when shopping online compared with warehouses and retailers at the retail and industrial parks.

Show off to Your Customers

With a simple addition of a mannequin it is possible to really make a big song and dance about the items which come into your store. They are perfect for attractive window displays where sale items and brand new collections can bring in buyers off the street.

The dressmakers dummy can also be used on the shop floor. It is always a good idea to dress a dummy and surround the display with clothes rails which hold each item on display. The spiral floor standing rails are always perfect for this type of display. It is easy not to overcrowd the rails allowing your shoppers ease of use when it comes to finding their size.

Professional Retail

The beauty of the dressmakers dummy is that it has a class of its own and can be used in a variety of ways. Choose one which has a polystyrene body which allows for pinning. Make sure that the bust is on an attractive stand which looks like a piece of furniture on its own. That way if you do not have skirts or dresses to display the lower half of the dummy will remain looking fantastic at all times.

Use a dressmakers dummy to help make your shop look attractive and entice shoppers in through the doors.