Sanitary vending machines;the right choice for your business

Tampon dispensers- or to give them their industry name, sanitary vending machines- are hardly the most glamorous thing to worry about when you’re fitting out a new business or refurbishing a pre-existing one. Many small businesses neglect the purchase of appropriate bathroom vending machines altogether. Even for the more conscientious small businessman, it is all too tempting not to bother, or to choose a supplier without taking the time to do research or compare prices. After all, women’s sanitary products are an everyday necessity, and customers and staff who use this bathroom will be- as it were- captive consumers. Is the product on offer, the type of machine, or the retailer who supplies it, really important?

Any good businessman or businesswoman will know that when it comes to running a business, the details mean everything. Particularly if your bathrooms- and their sanitary dispensers- service clients, the impression they give of your establishment will make a difference. So too will a clean, modern tampon dispenser, which meshes well with the style of the bathroom, and is thoughtfully chosen for the customer. That means offering a brand which women know and trust, and as many options of both sanitary towels and tampons as is feasible. As well as being a supplementary source of income, which is always a bonus in the changing financial climate, tampon dispensers say to your female client base that you are a considerate company, which pays attention to detail and takes care of its customers even in the little, apparently unimportant things.

If your bathrooms serve staff, rest assured that if they feel they are working for a thoughtful employer keen to support them you will feel the difference… and you won’t be paying for unauthorised breaks to run across to the chemist’s!

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