The Benefits of Stainless Steel Castors

Although stainless steel castor wheels are slightly more expensive than most other types of castor materials, they are able to offer a number of unique benefits. Indeed, there are very few alternative options which can provide as much in the way of hygiene, aesthetic appeal and durability as stainless steel castors.

Stainless steel has an invisible chromium rich oxide film around its surface which stops foreign objects from sticking to it. This makes it the perfect material for wheeled objects that are going to be used in working environments where high levels of hygiene need to be maintained. Certainly, places like hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical plants can benefit greatly from the presence of stainless steel castor wheel products as they can ensure no sub-microscopic organisms will be able to thrive on their surfaces. These properties can also be of great benefit to domestic settings as they can help to make sure a resident’s home remains hygienically clean and suitably sanitized.

Aesthetic appeal
The fact that stainless steel castors can always be kept looking shiny and bright makes them the castor of choice for workplaces that want to project a sleek, modern and impressive image. Indeed, most high tech pieces of equipment these days are mounted on stainless steel castor products as they are able to finish off the required look of sophistication perfectly.

As well as being extremely hygienic and aesthetically appealing, stainless steel castor wheels are also incredibly durable. Indeed, their outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and impressively high resistance to corrosion, fire and heat ensures they can perform superbly well in a wide range of heavy duty and extreme working environments.

Without doubt, the hygienic, aesthetically appealing and durable properties of stainless steel make it the very best option when it comes to castor wheel products.

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