Smoking shelters help to stop people huddling around the main entrance

For some people the smoking ban was the best thing ever. They couldn’t have been more overjoyed and delighted. No more smoke indoors! For others it was just yet another thing to grumble about. One thing is for sure, smokers at work now have to go outside for their nicotine fix and that can be a problem.

If staff are just turfed out without any thought or consideration as to where they go then they end up huddled around the doorways. This isn’t the best impression a company can give to the outside world. Visitors turn up to be greeted by a gaggle of smokers and cigarette butts all over the floor. That simply won’t do and isn’t the image a company wants to portray to the rest of the world.

Plus it gets pretty nasty out there in the winter with the wind and rain. Smokers are people too! They need somewhere where they can go for their fag break and shelter from the elements. Another challenge for the facilities manager who is probably busy putting up some shelving somewhere or ordering some new office chairs. A facilities manager’s work is never done, but they’re patient types and always come up with solutions.

Smoking shelters are the perfect solution. They give smokers a dedicated area where they can hang out, smoke and chat out of the way of the main entrance. A few outdoor benches add to the area. Problem solved. The smokers have their own little hang out when they can stay dry and enjoy a well earned break from their desk.

Sorting out an area like this is easy and completely affordable. It doesn’t take much to set up shelters and install a few benches. Smokers will really appreciate having somewhere to go that’s nice and dry and away from the main entrances.

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