Steel Partition Walls

Steel partition walls are used in many more places than you realise. They are used to build offices or storage rooms. However, the most common use for these flexible partitions is as dividers on factory floors.

They are ideal for building semi-permanent divisions between different parts of the shop floor. Because the panels are light and easy to erect partitions can easily be taken down and rebuilt elsewhere. This makes it easy to reconfigure the shop floor as and when you need to. Most good quality partition walls come with the option of windows, which increases where they can be used.

When you are not using the partitions, you can store them flat and in stacks. The fact they are reusable and can be reused makes them a good investment for any company.

Types of Steel Partition Walls

There are several different types of steel partition walls available. The cheapest are built out of a single skin of steel. They are fine for most applications, however because they do not have any insulation they are not suitable for structures such as offices. However, they work well as factory shop floor partitions. They come in a range of heights, finishes and colours.

Double-skinned partition walls are ideal for creating offices and other workspaces. They can be used to create a relatively quiet working environment. These partitions generally have some fireproof qualities. They are usually designed to withstand fire for 30-60 minutes.

Mesh steel partitions are used mostly for dividing storage areas. They are very light and exceptionally quick and easy to install. They are a great way of channelling personnel and goods through a building. For example, they can be used to create a corridor through a busy working area to help ensure that people do not stray into areas that need to be kept free of foot traffic.

Tips for Buying Steel Partition Walls

If you are considering buying steel partition walls, it is important to buy them from well-established suppliers. They make good quality products that are built to last. In addition, these companies usually sell other steel sheet systems that can be used to create the work environment you need. They, also, have the expertise to recommend the right product for the job.


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