Cubicles and lockers built to last

Thousands of people use local authority leisure centres every year. Whether they need to use the gym or want do a few lengths of the pool they need somewhere to get changed and somewhere safe to store their valuables. These facilities take a bit of a battering. With all that use each and everyday, council cubicles and lockers need to be able to stand up to the punishment that meted out to them. Otherwise they will need replacing every five minutes. Which eats up valuable budget and resources.
For a local authority looking to source new cubicles and lockers it’s a balancing act between getting value for money and good quality. Choose some that are too cheap and they will fall apart, but budget is limited. Especially in these times of spending cuts and government austerity measures. It can be hard to know what to do and which supplier to choose.
Which is why more and more councils are turning to Prospec to supply them with the durable and tough components they need to keep their leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools running smoothly and efficiently. The stock they supply is built to last. It can stand up to the daily punishment as required, but it doesn’t cost over the odds. It’s the best of both worlds. Quality, but without the premium price tag. As specialist suppliers they understand the pressures local authorities are under and exactly what they need when it comes to maintaining changing room facilities.
Any council fed up with poor quality or the lack of customer service offered by their current supplier should check out Prospec. The prices are a big surprise and so too the commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer service. Give them a call or have a look at their website online.