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How to Pick the Perfect Cell Phone Case

A Phone Case Choose Your Own Adventure! When you buy a new cell phone, you need a new case or pouch to protect it. Mobile phone cases protect your phone, that’s what they should do. A generic pouch or case will protect from light damage and occasional short drops to the floor, but a case

Let The Inverter Help You Beat Power Cut

Power cut is something that has to be faced by a number of areas. It proves troublesome for homes and offices where a number of appliances and devices are used that run on power. In case of failure of power all the processes including manufacturing stop and one may have to bare a huge loss

Importance Of Device Control Measures To Protect Data & Systems

Implementing effective device control has become extremely important to organizations. Nowadays, both, systems & data are exposed to data loss or malware infection. Controlling this exposure without disrupting operations is the main goal of device control and endpoint security.  Network administrators require tools that authorize or block access to devices and computers effectively and in