Photos to Canvas Prints for Christmas Presents

Photos to canvas prints make an ideal Christmas present for loved ones. The opportunity to create personalised and customised canvas prints should not be overlooked when trying to think of a present for that ‘hard to buy for’ aunt and uncle. The photo you choose to have printed on canvas can be of virtually anything, a family portrait, a favourite holiday snap, or perhaps a special occasion that you celebrated during the previous year, such as a wedding, or christening. Alternatively if you know a couple that celebrated their ‘special day’ during 2011, then why not transform their memories into a long-lasting canvas print, that will be around for as long as the marriage, if not longer! The inks used in transferring your photos to canvas are guaranteed by manufacturers for 75 years, so even if the happy couple hit their diamond anniversary, the canvas print will still be looking beautiful, hung above the fireplace.

The era of digital photography means that there are so many photos to choose from and selecting the perfect photos to transfer to canvas can be difficult. Following a few basic rules will help narrow down the selection process and then it is simply down to personal choice. You can always ask a friend’s opinion, just in case you want to double-check. The first basic rule to consider in selecting a photo should be to check everybody’s eyes are open, unless they actually are sleeping. Other than that consider the photograph’s composition, try to ensure that most of the detail, or focal point of the image is towards the centre, although some modern artistic photos do have large plain spaces with small details towards the edge. This can be tricky though due to bleed requirements. Also select a photo that is in focus, because once it is printed on canvas it could be quite large, so you want a high quality image. Don’t worry too much about colour issues, or red-eye, these can be dealt with by the canvas printing company, just ask them to make any colour adjustments before printing your photos to canvas.

Your Image 2 Canvas print photos to canvas. Based in the UK, they pride themselves on producing high quality canvas prints.