Benefit From High Quality Printed Plastic Cards

There are a number of different types and dimensions when it comes to plastic cards and this means that you can choose the one that is best suited to your design as well as the intended purpose for the card. Key fobs, for example, are extremely convenient and are less bulky than a standard plastic card but they may not be suitable for use as identification or as a security card.

Key fobs are convenient. They are smaller than a typical bank card and they usually include a hole in the corner so that they can be easily attached to a keyring for easy storage and to make it as convenient as possible to carry the keyfob around. These are often used as a secondary card at rental shops and they may also be used as a convenient customer loyalty card that is always to hand.

Credit card sized plastic cards, such as those created and supplied by are the most commonly used. They offer the obvious benefit that they can be easily and quickly put in a wallet or purse by the user or they can be combined with a branded lanyard and used as a form of security badge or card at work. There are many other options, too, and this size is popular for creating gift cards.

Business cards are the same size as bank cards and plastic ones are no different in this respect. However, where they are different is in the strength and the quality that they offer. Plastic cards are far more memorable than their paper counterparts and they can benefit from the addition of high quality branding as well as your most important contact details.

Event cards are usually a little bigger than credit card size. The large display means that the information that is displayed on the card is easier to read and this makes it easy for security personnel and event personnel, as well as the wearer, to be able to quickly identify security permissions and access level. They are not only convenient but can provide additional security to any event.

Many sites offers high quality plastic card printing and provides a range of sizes and dimensions of plastic cards that are ideal for use in many different ways and by various organisations, companies, and groups.