Empower Network Blogging Formula Tricks and Tips

Empower Network is a brand new and exciting blogging platform that enables writers to make money from their blog posts. It is similar to network marketing. When someone visits your blog and signs up to the Empower Network then you get 100% commissions for that. They pay $25 a month directly into your bank account. And then that amount is paid in to your bank account every month.

A new form of MLM marketing has been created by the empower network team. When users sign up they are given their own turnkey blog on the site and are encourage to blog daily and market their blog posts. Users make money when people sign up to the network via one of the affiliate links embedded on the blog. One referral means $25 dollars a month residual income. There is also an upsell so that costs $125. The upsell is known as the inner circle and is a more advanced form of tuition. The potential to earn $125 in residual income is what makes this system so appealing. By only referring a few people you can have a high amount of monthly income arriving into your bank account with Empower Network.

Follow up via email. With the Empower Network you get to build your own email list from the leads you generate. So people might sign-up to your email list but not go and purchase the system straight away. It is therefore a good idea to send your leads an email every few days just to say hello and to encourage them to sign up to the Empower Network. If you do this then there is a good chance you will increase your conversions by a large percentage.

Press Releases. This is a great way to get a large influx of traffic to your blog. A press release is syndicated to Google News and to a wide range of news outlets, potentially reaching thousands of people. The backlink juice from a press release is also very powerful, espeically if you submit one to a premium press release website such as webwire or prweb.

SEO blog posts. In addition to creating entertaining blog posts that give value to your readers, you should try and use SEO keywords within the content. This helps your blog posts rank in the search engines in order to get as much traffic as possible. Pick one main keyword to target and use that keyword in the post title, in the first sentence of the post, and in the last sentence of the post, as well as once or twice in the body of the article. Use it in a natural way that does not reduce the quality of the content.

Offer Bonuses. To encourage people to sign up to Empower Network via your affiliate link, it is a good idea to offer a bonus. If you are an experienced marketer then you might want to offer one of your training products for free. If you are less experienced then you could offer to write articles or help with the SEO campaigns of your referals.

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