The New Generation Of Social networking sites

Social networking sites are very quickly taking over the internet. Although there have been very many of them over the years one of the first ones that took over the internet was Myspace. A few years ago Myspace was the largest social networking website on the internet, although that was taken over by Facebook. Facebook has since become probably one of the largest websites on the internet; with a majority of people that use the internet have a profile on this internet website.

Social networking sites are great for communicating with friends and family, because you can chat, add photos and share links all at the click of a button. This makes it the ideal way to use the internet and keep in touch with your loved ones.

Twitter is the newest most famous of all of the social networking sites and is particularly popular amongst celebrities who use it to ‘tweet’ their fans news, views and photos.

Facebook and Twitter have been around for a few years now so it is probably time for new social networking sites to take over, as these two did from the links of Myspace. Google+ is a new site launched by Google that has attempted to fill the gap where social networking sites are needed.

Over recent years the internet has come into most of our lives – we use it more than ever before for shopping, banking, watching TV, listening to music and more! On top of this social networking sites have grown in popularity with many people using them to keep in touch with friends and even to meet new people via chat groups and profile messages.

Of course there is a whole other side to social networking and it makes sense that businesses and marketers will want to tap into this massive resource and use it to advertise their products and make money from it. Social media advertising is a massive industry simply because the volume of people that visit these websites on a daily basis, so it makes sense that companies will want to use this to their advantage.

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