Upcoming PC Games of 2012

In the year 2012, we will enjoy lots of video games, along with the release of the new episodes for the significantly popular games for these past years. Sony and Nintendo are ready for the new video game platforms that will be release as well during this year. Playstation Vita(Sony) and Wii U(Nintendo). The development in the upcoming pc games surely a thing that we should not miss. To give you a glimpse, here’s a list for you.
January 2012 pc games are: (title+platforms)
Oil Rush (Win, Lin, Mac); Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3, X360); NeverDead (PS3, X360);
Soulcalibur V (PS3, X360) …

February 2012 computer games are:
Crusader Kings II (Win); The Darkness II (PS3, X360, Win); Inversion (PS3, X360);
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3, X360, Win); Binary Domain (X360, PS3);
Resident Evil Revelations (3DS); Tales of the Abyss (3DS); Syndicate (PS3, X360, Win); Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3DS); SSX (PS3, X360);
Twisted Metal (PS3); UFC Undisputed 3 (PS3, X360); Asura’s Wrath (PS3, X360);
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PSVita); Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSVita) …

March 2012 video games are:
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PS3, X360); Mass Effect 3 (PS3, X360, Win); MLB 12: The Show (PS3, PSVita); Ridge Racer Unbounded (PS3, X360, Win); Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City … other upcoming games in 2012 are Prototype 2, Starhawk and others …
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There are still a lot more upcoming pc games that were announced for release on 2012 but no definite date yet. 2012 is less than a few days away and lists of upcoming pc games are out in the market as early as December. This is an advantage for the gamers to find more interesting and relevant reviews even before the release date. You can also find some articles related to the upcoming pc games and from there you can now decide on what to buy and prepare for the budget as well.

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