Facebook Marketing – The Basics

Facebook is a giant. I don’t know of any one place where you can network with as many people in the same “room”, and learn more about them in 10 minutes than what otherwise take a lifetime. It’s one of the best networking tools on the planet, and if effectively marketing your business online is a goal, you should respect its ability to accomplish that for you IF you use it properly. Let’s get to the basics.

Facebook Marketing Tip #1 – Determine Your Purpose

The first thing you want to ask yourself is why you are on Facebook. This seems like an obvious question, but all too often there is no focus on an end result.

If you choose to market yourself first, then a personal page is a great step in that direction. People will expect to get to know you, your passion, and your attitude. This will allow them to make a choice as to whether to actively follow you or not. From there, you can develop networks of people who like and trust you.

If marketing your products consistently is what you want to do, then you need to set up a fan page that is clear about what it is you’re marketing. People that “like” your fan page could arguably be considered interested and aware of your intentions, so your constant marketing efforts don’t come off like a slap chop presentation at a friends and family dinner party.

So decide if you are marketing yourself, and/or your products/services, then create the page(s) and content with your audience in mind and what they expect from you.

Facebook Marketing Tip #2 – Create Your Brand

Creating your brand is more like discovering what’s very interesting or appealing about you, and magnifying it.

A brand should not be something that is fabricated or fake. People are very weary about trusting people they don’t know, especially sales people, so a sure way to destroy your image is to create one that is not you.

Once you “discover” your brand, adhere to it with the highest standard. Your ability to cement into people’s mind that this is the “real you”, and there is little to no wavering, is required if you want your marketing efforts to be heard and acted upon by your market.

So make it the real you that you are marketing. It’s much easier and more fulfilling.

Facebook Marketing Tip #3 – Make Friends

This may seem obvious but people often choose to market to a small group of people, who are not even their target market. It’s simply a waste of time.

When you make friends, do it with people who have similar interests. People that will enjoy your posts, and will post things you will be able to comment on and provide value to is a good example.

So if you love horseback riding, but despise football, chances are you shouldn’t go make friends with a bunch of football players or groups. Sure you may get a teeny cross over, but your networking results are much more magnified when you friend people that have similar interests.

Go for quality on Facebook, over sheer quantity.

Facebook Marketing Tip #4 – Post Valuable Content

This will relate a bit to #3, in that your value (or knowledge) will go a long ways to attracting people to you that have similar thoughts or simply respect an honest, intelligent opinion.

People don’t read things they have no interest in. They search for comments, quotes, or news that resonates with them. In other words, things that they feel provide value to their lives.

So once you decide why you are using Facebook, and who you are marketing to, be sure to post content that will be valuable to them. This solicits likes, comments, and attracts real online friendships. This then establishes trust, which is required before most people will even investigate your product with any level of interest.

Facebook Marketing Tip #5 – Network

I often have people ask me how they use Facebook for networking and marketing. I simply tell them Facebook is a giant networking event that’s online 24-7. You “work the room” (post and make comments on others posts), introduce yourself (add friends from interest groups or other friends), and connect with people by providing them with some type of value.

Rinse and repeat, as many days as possible.

Facebook Marketing Tip #6 – Attract

If you do the first 5 steps well, attraction will take care of itself.

The great thing about attraction marketing is that you will get the exact people that are in tune with your message the most.

This is why it’s so important to be real and genuine. If you do this and post content that resonates with the genuine you, then it will attract the same type of people. This is how you attract good friends on Facebook.

The internet has allowed us to take attraction marketing to another level by using Facebook and SEO that allows our target market to find us, instead of us constantly searching for them.

Facebook is a Tool, Don’t make it an Addiction

Facebook is a great tool but can also be a great distraction. You need to decide when you are networking and marketing effectively, and when you are just wasting your time.

Each time you post or comment on Facebook, ask yourself if it is furthering your brand and network in a market that is useful to your business. If it is not, chances are your time is better spent on other endeavors.

When Facebook marketing, stick to the basic fundamentals and your marketing efforts will go a long way. Once you have that mastered, then you can incorporate ninja tools and tricks to take it to the next level, but never before.

Good luck!

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