Inkjet plotter paper to take care of various factors

The inkjet printing papers are special type of papers made for the inkjet printers and are specifically designed by taking care of the factors such as opacity, smoothness and weight of the paper.
The inkjet plotting paper is made by using the chemical pulp or deinked pulps. This is because these materials are not only good in terms of surface smoothness but are very tough too. All these factors make it possible to use the paper in inkjet printers without having them to cockle or curl. If any of these problems will occur in the printer then it can affect its working and will hinder the performance of printing.
Generally, a copy paper (uncoated one) is quite sufficient form of paper to be used when low quality printing is required. However, if one need a better printing quality then only coated copy papers should be used. These coatings are seldom used for the inkjet printers though.
Difference between inkjet plotting paper and the standard office paper
The standard office paper is designed to be used for making Xerox and for the typewriters specifically. Its uses and implementations are there where the paper is generally doesn’t made wet.
However, when we are talking about the inkjet printers, the ink is to be absorbed by the paper to print. This is why proper care of the absorbency factor the paper is taken when producing the inkjet plotting paper. It is to be noted that many of the standard office use papers are also formulated and transformed so that they can be used with the laser printers and the inkjet printers. This adds flexibility in the printing implementations. However such kind of paper is only suitable for light ink load jobs such as when only text printing is required. When one needs to print phonographs then such paper won’t give as good output then.
Inkjet photo paper
As the name suggests, the inkjet photo paper is used for the implementations where photographs are to be printed through inkjet printers. The inkjet photo paper is used when the heavy ink load is there and where the formulated office paper can’t be used.
The inkjet photo paper is a very whitish form of paper which is because of bleaching or the application of substances like titanium oxide. The paper is also coated with a good absorbing material so as to prevent the diffusion of the ink which could move away from the point of contact during the printing operation.
For those types for printing applications where the depth and work of the printing is very thick, some special types of inkjet photo papers are used which have properties of quick drying etc. In such cases the common inkjet photo papers can’t be sued.
One other type of inkjet photo paper is the glossy photo paper. This type of paper has a glossy finish and texture and when the photos are printed on this paper, they look very vivid and lively.

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