Rapid prototyping is now within reach of ordinary businesses

New product development is a time consuming and expensive process, but remarkable advances in technology are changing the game. The 3D printer certainly isn’t a new piece of kit, however until recently its high costs were prohibitive to all but a handful of businesses. That situation has changed thanks to falling prices and improved affordability. Product designers in the know are quick to invest in this technology and reap the benefits.

The technology is nothing short of revolutionary as it allows designers and engineers to construct actual 3D prototypes from nothing more than a digital model. This cuts out the need for traditional machining. This is great news across a whole host of industry sectors from footwear through to aerospace.

Thanks to the affordability of the 3D printer businesses can slash develop costs and the time frames involved in creating prototypes. All kinds of consumer goods start life as a prototype. Making and mocking them up can be a long drawn out and expensive process. Until this kind of technology became mainstream that is. Now designers can work with their computers to mock up virtual models before printing off the parts and assembling them right there on site.

Rapid prototyping is big news and its use is spreading rapidly. More and more businesses are discovering the cost benefits and efficiency gains that this kind of technology can bring. It really is time to look seriously at making this kind of investment for longer term gains.

Freed from the cost and time constraints that they traditionally laboured under, businesses can experiment and prototype in a fraction of the time and at hugely reduced cost. Designing, creating and testing new products is much more efficient than ever before. Any competitive advantage is important right now, so this kind of technology has to be looked at seriously.