Impatex has been the leading supplier of UK Customs, Forwarding and Duty Management software since it was founded over 30 years ago, used by most of the major ‘Corporate’ forwarders and hundreds of Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

With its new Integrated Customs for Europe (ICE) software, Impatex will be able to provide its ‘Corporate’ customers with a single Customs software platform across Europe, thereby reducing the cost of multiple national Customs systems and improving pan-European Customs reporting for their clients.

In addition, Impatex provides NetFreight, a comprehensive, web-based, multi-modal, freight forwarding software and logistics software package incorporating UK and US frontier Customs, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

More UK frontier Customs clearances are processed using Impatex software than all other suppliers put together. Now we’re extending our expertise across Europe and the USA.

NetFreight is years ahead of any competition in providing web-based, multi-modal, freight forwarding & logistics software, which can run on the customers own, or 3rd party, server.

Impatex provide comprehensive Bonded and Excise warehousing functions within its Customs software and a Warehouse Management System (WMS) in NetFreight.

Unlike generic CRM software packages, this function within NetFreight is aimed solely at freight forwarders to manage and maximise their sales activities.

Now with NetFreight, Impatex are also a leading supplier of freight management software, which also incorporates warehouse management, CRM and links to both UK and US Customs.

With the increasing harmonisation of Customs procedures across Europe, Impatex have developed a new multi-country, multi-lingual, Integrated Customs for Europe (ICE) software package specifically designed for the larger multi-national ‘Corporate’ forwarders that want to standardise on a single Customs software platform across Europe.

After 10 years as the leading UK Customs software, Customs Manager is gradually being replaced by NetFreight and ICE, both of which link to each other.

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