The Importance of Time & Attendance Systems for Companies

Companies across all business industries place significant dependence upon their employees to carry their business forward. Although employers make crucial decisions when it comes to company policies and direction, it is down to the employees to remain productive and efficient. This ensures a company remains fully operational and adheres to its own professional code of conduct to greatly benefit clients and customers who require particular products or services.

To run a successful business, companies must rely on their employees to act in a professional manner and carry out their respective duties to the best of their qualified ability. Punctuality is a key factor within the daily running of a company; many employees are employed based on their ability to be on time for work, whether it is in accordance with set office times or shift hours.

Although companies can depend on a strong relationship with their employees to trust each staff member of remaining punctual, integrating time recording systems can be an important step to take. Time & attendance systems can be integrated in the form of control panels and turnstiles which can be interfaced with biometric readers or badge readers.

Integrating time recording systems can allow a company to keep close tabs on the punctuality levels of all employees. Using unique access codes or cards, most systems are linked to a computer which stores electronic data of the exact time in which each employee enters and leaves the premises. Any indication of poor punctuality or continual lateness can be identified and dealt with internally. This can play a significant role in maintaining employee productivity and ensure each individual understands the importance of being on time.

Access systems are equally important for establishing effective daily management and organisation of all staff. Companies can gain instant awareness of who is in the building so they can be required to carry out a particular task; this is particularly important within a shift-based environment as it ensures the correct number of employees is working at any given time.

Time & attendance readers can also be utilised in the accounts department to ensure employees have worked the required hours to receive the correct rate of pay. Integrating any form of data collection system can place the incentive on employees to remain punctual for the greater good of themselves and their company.

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