Exercises That Will Get You Ready for Windsurfing

Windsurfing with Explora Moroccois one of the most exciting and challenging extreme sports that you can pursue. This sport will have you flying through the air at an exhilarating pace, speeding across the surface of the water as you catch the wind in your sails.

Windsurfing is a challenging sport and it requires a high level of physical fitness. You will need to be able to withstand the force of both the wind and the water pressing on your body at the same time. There are many exercises that you can do before windsurfing with Explora Morocco which will strengthen the muscle groups that you will use when windsurfing. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Core Strength Exercises

In order to be able to perform the twisting movements required to stay on your windsurfing board, you will need to build up your core strength.

You can work on your balance and your stability by kneeling on a balancing ball and holding a weight in your hands. Slowly twist your torso from one side to the other without losing your balance. You can also build the muscles in your abdomen with crunches and sit ups.

Upper Body Strength

When you are windsurfing with Explora Morocco you will need to be able to hold onto the sail and control it with your arm and upper body. To strengthen your arms and chest you can do push ups. Try using a balance ball to do push ups to make it more challenging. You can also use dumbbells to do more arm exercises such as one arm rows and bicep curls.

Lower Body Strength

You also need to have power in your leg so that you can keep your balance on the board. Do some deep squats and lunges and if they become too easy you can try doing them while balancing weights on your shoulders.

Perform these exercises every day for a few weeks before going windsurfing with Explora Morocco o that you can build up your strength before trying this challenging sport.

Windsurfing with Explora Morocco is physically challenging and requires a decent of fitness, so here are some exercises that will prepare your body for the adventure.