PPI Claims

Finding the right representation when making ppi claims can make all the difference. There are many solicitors who will charge you their fees whether you win or not, but if you search online you will find excellent representation on a no win, no fee basis. There is no need to be left out of pocket simply for standing up for your rights and seeking compensation if it is deserved.

PPI claims have increased during the last few years. More and more people have discovered that they were wrongly sold the insurance and demanding their money back for all the payments they have made in the past. If you suspect that you also have been affected by the miss-selling of payment protection insurance the best move to make is to contact solicitors who specialise in these types of cases.

Find Your Paper Work

Before you make contact with the solicitors it is a good idea to find all the paperwork out relating to the account where PPI has been added. You might need to look for any statements and the contract which you signed when taking out the loan, credit cards or the mortgage. Having this paperwork can easily show up any grey areas which prove that you were in fact wrongly sold the policy and helps the solicitors to build up a good case which supports your claim for compensation.

A Free Consultations is a Good Way of Evaluating Your Situation

When contacting the solicitors let them know why you think you are entitled to some compensation. They will help you if you are not entirely sure and give you details on the process, the costs and fees which may be applied if you lose and how to protect your finances. After the consultation which is free you should then receive information in the post if you have expressed an interest in moving forward. There will be a letter to sign and return which indicates that the solicitor has permission to contact the lender on your behalf.

All you need to do then is leave the ppi claims expert to handle the situation. They will represent you and help you to win potential thousands of pounds in compensation. The whole process usually takes around 8 to 12 weeks in total and can leave you a lot richer at the end of it, without any risk to you.