What Is Covered With House Insurance?

House insurance is usually considered to be a combination of both building and content insurance, which are two different types of insurance for the homeowner or landlord. You can receive quotes and take out separate policies for each, but it is common for people to choose what is basically an all-in-one house insurance package. This will protect the actual building from any damage or accidents that may occur as well as the items within the home.


A full house insurance quote offers protection both inside and outside the house. It is possible to include additional accidental damage coverage so if you drop a laptop or spill water over your computer this may be covered by your insurance policy and you can claim to have the item repaired or claim for a replacement. Whether you receive repairs or a replacement will depend on your policy and also the extent of the damage caused.


The buildings element of house insurance can cover everything from the main property and its roof to garages and other out houses. Even exterior walls and, in some cases, secure fences are included in your policy so that if any damage or breakage occurs you are fully protected and can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having good insurance coverage for your property.


As with any form of insurance, what is actually covered will depend on the insurer that you use and also the policy that you choose. You may not require coverage for certain elements so don’t instantly disregard a policy because it doesn’t include coverage for everything. If you include coverage that you do not require then you are likely to be paying extra for a policy that isn’t entirely suitable for your requirements.


Contents insurance protects the items within your home. If you were to suffer a fire in your property, many of your possessions and belongings are likely to become smoke damaged if they are not completely destroyed by the flames. Contents insurance will protect your belongings should this, or a variety of other incidents or accidents occur within your home.


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