Cheap HGV Insurance for Your Vehicle

If you own a vehicle which weighs more than 4 tonnes, then it is classified as a HGV or higher goods vehicle. HGV vehicles are used for a range of things from transporting heavy goods and livestock all over the world. HGV vehicles are very expensive vehicles and they carry very heavy loads, which puts them at a bigger risk from accident than the average vehicle. This is why it is so important that HGV insurance is bought and features adequate coverage for the load and vehicle in question. Many people believe that it is simply not possible to get cheap HGV insurance, but by shopping around you really can get some good deals on cheap HGV insurance.

Protect Yourself

HGV’s are very large and this can make them more difficult to control. Couple that with the fact that drivers are often on the road for long hours, and you can see how it is so easy for accidents to occur when driving a HGV. This makes insuring HGV’s somewhat risky for insurers and many will try to raise the price of their premiums to extortionate prices. However, there are plenty of insurers out there who play fairly and they will offer cheap HGV insurance when compared to the market standard.

Although it is important to get the best value that you can from your HGV insurance, you should not automatically go for the cheapest option before thoroughly checking over the policy to see if it is the best coverage for you. A good policy will ensure that you are protected come what may.

You will need a cheap HGV insurance policy which not only covers your from accident, public liability and negligence but also one which protects you from theft because around 12 HGV‘s are stolen in the UK each and every day. If you are not adequately covered for theft, then your very expensive vehicle could be lost forever, possibly along with your livelihood.


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