Making sure you choose the correct level of cover

There are three main levels of cover you can choose for your van insurance quotes. You need to make sure you do your research into the different levels and make sure you pick the correct level of cover for your specific needs.

Third party only

Third party only cover is the minimum amount of cover required by law and is usually the cheapest level of cover available in the UK. This will cover you against damages and injuries to a third party if you are involved in an accident. Your own vehicle will not be covered for any damage or loss.

Third party fire and theft

This level of cover will give you added protection to include fire and theft cover for your vehicle. You will also be covered against damages to a third party vehicle as well as injuries they may suffer from an accident. Third party fire and theft is the middle level of cover you can select for your vehicle insurance within the UK.


Comprehensive cover tends to be the most expensive level of cover for your vehicle insurance but you will have the most amount of cover for your money. Not only does it cover you against damages and injury to a third party as well as fire and theft cover but you will also have protection for your own vehicle if you are involved in a fault or non-fault accident.

Depending on what you use your vehicle for and what the value of the vehicle is will have a bearing on which level of cover you will need to choose. You need to take into account your finances and what you can realistically afford. But remember don’t take out insurance cover that is not adequate as this could cause issues in the future if you ever needed to make a claim.