Toxic Foods That Create Disease

If something is on a grocery shelf, it’s fit for human consumption right? Wrong. In fact, most of the food items in your typical supermarket are contributing to ill health and no one is the wiser – until now.

In a previous blog post, I identified the top 10 things you should never eat, and most of them were ingredients added to various foods. In this list, I will focus on “food” and not “ingredients” that is suspect in the deterioration of your health.

Foods to Avoid

1) Cow’s Milk – its everywhere and is considered by mainstream as the only real source of calcium and Vitamin D. Apparently they forgot about beans, almonds, oats, oranges, broccoli, rice and almond milk, fish, butter, and the sun. They also didn’t tell you is that it’s contaminated with antibiotics and hormones and causes allergies and mucus build up that leads to bowel issues. Got milk? Got problems.

2) Hard Cheese – see Cow’s Milk, with even more bowel problems.

3) Wheat (Gluten) – man’s digestive system was not made to digest a plethora of grains. Yet, that’s exactly what we do. The over consumption of wheat through breads, cereals, and pasta’s has overloaded our digestive system with something it can’t break down properly. This results in it sitting in your digestive tract and essentially left to rot. It’s as pretty as it sounds.

4) Regular Coffee – the habit that can’t be broken. Coffee is highly acidic, dehydrates the body, and creates adrenal fatigue and nervous system imbalance (control centers of the body). Plus, its one of the most chemically treated plants. What we do for a cup of java…

5) Pork – if you have ever seen a pig in its environment, it should be clear why you have no interest in eating it. Yet so many people do. A pig eats literally anything (including its own feces apparently) and lives in a highly toxic environment. Anything it consumes goes to the muscle meat within an hour. The result – your ham, bacon, and pork chops are the next best thing to toxic garbage.

6) Deli Meats – often made of pork, and often injected with nitrites. I would put hot dogs into this category, or #6 (I don’t consider hooves and shoe leather “foods”).

7) Seafood – shellfish, shrimp, crabs, lobster (often referred to as the cockroaches of the ocean) could be considered the pigs of the sea. They clean the water of “the garbage” and as a result are highly toxic. That’s before we even talk about the mercury! Your shellfish reaction is merely a toxic reaction you can’t handle.

8 ) Margarine – a man made product that is one molecule from plastic. Set it outside for a week and you will find that even flies will not touch it. That should give you a sign it’s not edible.

9) Soy Products – genetically modified, highly treated, and largely indigestible. That’s before we talk about hormone altering in women. The only exception is organic, GMO free, fermented soy products that are more easily digestible, without the chemicals and DNA altering.

10) Yogurt – in its purest form, yogurt is excellent for your digestive system. Unfortunately, 90% of the ones you find in your typical supermarket are nothing more than modified milk ingredients, sugar and HFCS, and artificial sweeteners. A good example of a traditional food ruined by man.

When you consider most of this list contains foods that are staples in the Standard American Diet (SAD – the acronym says it all), you start to understand why the hospitals can’t keep up with the patients. We refuse to eat enough of the very foods that radiate health (like fruits and vegetables), and can’t get enough of those that are dead, processed, treated, modified, and unnatural.

Now that you know which foods to avoid, it’s time for a mass intervention.

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